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Working with a number of restaurant chains we have built up knowledge of how to keep customers comfortable in a dining environment by providing systems that not only control the temperature but also provide adequate ventilation to replenish the air and remove cooking odours.

Adequate kitchen extract is most important as is the need to keep the kitchen staff comfortable in what can be a heated environment. Both kitchen and restaurant conditions need to be considered as an integrated design.

We will carry out a detailed survey taking into consideration locations for external plant, ductwork, extract systems and any affect cooking odours may have on nearby tenants. Our project team are technically trained to implement current legislation and liaise with local authorities on noise and contamination issues.
Air conditioning systems for offices and businesses


Air conditioning for offices can comprise of a single split system to overcome a particular problem such as a Comms Room or any other individual area where temperature control is an issue. It can also encompass a complete multi floored building where individual control is required in each office space with both heating and cooling provided by a central plant.

We have completed many refurbishment systems where existing services are upgraded and extended including ducted, VRV and chilled water.

Regular servicing of plant is all important to provide continued efficiency of operation, cleanliness of distributed air and to avoid unnecessary breakdowns. Warranties are also protected by complying with manufacturers recommended service schedules. Preventative maintenance contracts are offered on all our installations including intermediate filter cleaning where required.

Please contact us for a no obligation discussion or survey on any project you have in the pipeline.

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